Cannon Falls is home to a branch of the Mayo Clinic. It is a primary and specialty care clinic. With visitation from specialists from the Mayo Clinic. This allows Cannon Falls to have fantastic medical facilities and coverage for a small town. We are very fortunate that they chose our hospital for their expansion.

I recently was talking to some staff from there, and they are looking to expand by building a new facility in Cannon Falls. This would probably be located on the south edge of town but the location has not been finalized. This would bring even more job growth to our thriving community.

The House of Coates is another great restaurant that is snuggled in small town Minnesota. You can get a really decent burger and simple fare at a great price.  Better yet it is right on the interstate. All of Coates is right on the US 52 as this is one of the towns that you would miss if you did a big yawn. Try the Swanee burger or which ever you like as they are all good. The only bad thing is they are getting pretty well known so going at peak times can be a bit iffy. I know this is a small town but it can get busy trust me. Still one of the best burgers going in this neck of the woods so a must go if you are in the mood for one.

The House of Coates suffers from a change in the highway right there. Before you could turn right in from either direction and now you have to go North on 52 and take the frontage back to enter. A pretty small inconvenience considering the fare. Check it out.

Currently we are one of the closest Bed and Breakfast to Coates.

Well, it is official, we will now be able to serve beer at the bed & breakfast - basically like we can already do with wine.  We can’t charge for it though -as is the case for the wine, we can only give it away.   It also must be produced in Minnesota. Still, this allows us to deliver a nice little extra in certain circumstances and help promote locally produced products.  I wish there was a good micro-brew in Cannon Falls. Since there is no micro brew or brew pub at all, we’ll be looking north to St. Paul for particular selections from Flat Earth & Summit, farther north to Leech Lake Brewing, and not as far north to Surly Brewing. 

Here’s the release from the governor’s office:

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed the omnibus liquor bill, Chapter 55, HF 1326/SF 918, making several changes to current law.Senator Chris Gerlach (R–SD 37) and Representative Joe Atkins (DFL–HD 39B) were the chief authors of this bill. It has become known as the “Surly bill” because it creates a new class of license, a brewer taproom license, which will allow Minnesota breweries, including Surly Brewing Company, to sell pints of their beer on-site.

The new law will also allow bed and breakfast establishments to serve Minnesota produced beer. It will allow the issuance of on-sale licenses at racing tracks, and will allow an annual wine festival to serve customers. Additionally, it will allow for temporary licenses to farm wineries for on-sale at a county fair and will allow private nonprofit colleges to have liquor licenses.

The bill also makes other changes relevant to specific municipalities. This bill passed the Senate with unanimous support and the House with broad, bipartisan support.

There is a relatively new restaurant in Cannon Falls, The River Flame. If you remember where the Old Edgewood was located, you know where The River Flame is located.  If not – 7860 365th Street Way ~ Just off Hwy 52  6 miles south of Downtown Cannon Falls.

There is little similarity to The Edgewood, unless you go way, way back to when the Edgewood was pretty good.   There is also a tendency to compare The River Flame to Wiederholdt’s, but actually they are quite different. For one, the atmosphere.  There are windows here, lots of them, you look out mostly on nature. Also, there is a certain amount of creativity with the food. The River Flame isn’t a typical supper club, meat and potatoes kind of place.

There is also an odd propensity for restaurants in this area to embrace the buffet.  I’m sure it has to do with demand, but I am not sure why it is demanded. The appeal of having unlimited access to piles of food, produced who knows where, and left in steam tables for customers to fetch for themselves escapes me. The lighting is a bit stark and fluorescent. This, combined with the very open atmosphere and the buffet, gives it a feel of a buffet restaurant more than a nicer fine dining establishment. I’m not sure of their goals, but in my opinion adding a couple of internal dividers, ditching the buffet, diffusing some light on some of the windows, and changing to more ambient lighting would vastly improve the feel of the restaurant. They could still do an all you can eat thing on certain items if that is demanded, just serve it from the kitchen.

But, you can ignore the buffet and order off the menu which is much more interesting.  The River Flame has wood grilled steaks and seafood selections, along with other quality cuts of meat and dishes. But, vegetarians can do okay here too. There is a Greek influence, so Greek salads (yes with Calamata olives & Feta) are available. There are pasta dishes made with various herbs and sauces, again some with Greek influence – as well as other Mediterranean style dishes.   This all works well with the photos on the walls of Greek islands & ruins and the like.

The service was good and they have a decent bar selection.  I asked for a substitution of the regular side salad with a smaller version of the Greek, and received a full on Greek for no extra cost.  As far as the quality of the food, I suspect they are working out some kinks in the system yet, but generally everything was good. I have only the one experience, so I will report back at some point in the future.

I couldn’t find a website for them. If they get one, they should let Cannon Falls businesses know!


The spa suite at The Quill & Quilt is not only available to guests, but also to anyone looking for top quality massage and spa treatments by appointment in the Cannon Falls area.

Anna Harvey has been a massage therapist for over 12 years and is available for massage and related spa services. Anna can be reached directly at (507) 213-7650 to schedule an appointment.

The spa suite is a private room inside the bed & breakfast located just across The Mill Street Bridge from Downtown Cannon Falls.  This private room provides a very relaxing setting for massage.

Information about services can be found here:

Ask about the Cannon Falls area resident discount on massage and for accommodations at The Quill and Quilt!

Wiederholt’s Supper Club is probably the closest fine dining to the Bed and Breakfast. IT is just a few minutes away in Miesville. If you look them up on Google maps it says Hastings but they are downtown Miesville. A very quiet little southern Minnesota. Wiederholt’s is kind of a fixture around here in that it is the place you go for birthdays, anniversaries or that type of thing. Long term ownership by the same family has kept the standard up. We recommend them almost daily to our guests.
Make sure you say hi one the brothers who owns and tell them we sent you. You can almost always find one behind the bar.
Miesville does not have a Bed and Breakfast and we are probably as close as you can get to them. So go on over and tell them The Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast sent you.


They are celebrating our veterans with an event May 21st. Brats, burgers and live music will be on hand to enhance the day. A color guard demonstration is scheduled for the afternoon. Partial proceeds to go to the Cannon Falls Veterans Memorial.

Look for the Quill and Quilt gift certificate during the silent auction. We would love to see it get bid up so bring your checkbooks and get them out for a good cause.

The Cannon River Winery frequently has live music on Sat and Sun and is a real great destination in and of itself regardless of the weekend.

Chuggers Bar & Grill: 104 4th Street South, Cannon Falls, MN (507) 263-0680 ?

Okay! So, every now and then stuff surprises you. I have to admit, I have driven by this place many times and just figured from the outside it was unremarkable, maybe worse.  But I was hungry, and they are open on Sundays – a concept lost on many Cannon Falls establishments – so we went inside.  It is a little strange that you have to wander through  the pool tables to get to the bar and tables, but it has to be that way.  So, we sat at the bar, right by where the dude cooking is doing his thing. Seconds go by, and these folks have a menu and cool beverage in front of us.  With a drink in hand I peruse the menu and ask a few questions, it is an easy going place.  They avoided my pet peeve of asking for recommendations and getting most of the menu repeated back to me. Man, that really disappoints me at restaurants - but again, that did NOT happen here. So, I ordered the steak & spaghetti on a recommendation, thinking to myself “hmm, we’ll see”.  The guy cooking asks me about grilled onions and mushrooms and anythsome other stuff, and proceeded to cook them up next to the steak.  The steak was good, the cut was decent and it was cooked properly. Then, as it turns out, the spaghetti is a family recipe with rib meat cooked into it – this wasn’t a Sysco #10 can, this was good sauce made by somebody. I saw many menu items come across the line including a few burgers, which looked great – and yes you can get a burger at about 20 places in Cannon Falls. But seeing them, I would get one at Chuggers. They also do a fish fry all day long.  One thing I liked a lot, the bartenders and the cook all worked together and there was little that felt corporate about this place. Okay, that’s 2 things. But if you are looking for a good casual dinner, in a casual place, give these guys a shot.  Speaking of shots, I have some bartending experience and can tell you, the guy behind the bar the day I was there – a professional. You can get a decent cocktail at Chuggers. And, you can walk back here from there.

Cannon Falls has a Fun Fest on the first Thursday of the month. May kicked it off and was a good turnout but once we turn into real summer here in June they just keep getting better and bigger. Lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. They block of part of the road in downtown and make a nice place to mill around, eat and do some games with the kids. Meet the locals and see how a small town really does keep that small town feel.

This coming up Fun Fest is June 2nd and is downtown Cannon Falls right by the winery and Mill Street Tavern. You can’t miss it.


The Star Tribune wrote a great article about Cannon Falls. It was focused on the Cannon Valley Bike Trail which is nice as that is a major draw for Cannon Falls. Then they went to mention quite a few of the specialty shops in the downtown district. The best part is they linked everyone’s website. What in Yarnation and Fourth and Main Fabrics both have new sites and this was a great way to get exposure for them.

I wish we had gotten a nice mention but you can’t get everything. More tourists to Cannon Falls should help out the B&B so we are happy.