The Cannon Falls Chamber of Commerce wrote a nice open letter to the residents of Cannon Falls. It mirrored our sentiments also. The President’s visit was a great day that showcased what a great little town, Cannon Falls is. It was also nice to see so many people putting aside some political differences to welcome the President. I too felt proud to be part of it all.


Thanks to the Cannon Falls Public Works Crew, the Cannon Falls Police Department, the staff at the Cannon Falls City Hall for their work in making President Obama’s visit here so successful.
Thanks also to You…Cannon Falls Business Community…You are the ones who had the welcome mat out for the hundreds of visitors, newscasters, reporters, White House Staff, Secret Service and the President of the United States this past Monday! Our community looked wonderful…lush flowers and flower baskets, flags, great looking store fronts…A perfect picture of small town America!! THANK YOU!
Patricia A. Anderson, Chamber President
Cannon Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
103 North 4th Street, POBox 2
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: 507-263-2289

President Obama visited Cannon Falls today on the beginning of his tour through the Midwest. He came in at about noon and gave a speech at the local park in a town meeting style and then went through downtown on his way out. He stopped at the Old Market Deli and had some lunch before leaving. A big congrats to Gary and crew over there as they do an amazing job and it was nice to see them rewarded in such a nice way.

The local and national press were all over Cannon Falls. Fox news had done some footage in the Cannon River Winery which aired this morning. I saw some live coverage of the event on CNN and it really made the Cannon River look amazing as a backdrop for his speech. Overall it was fantastic for Cannon Falls and the town responded in kind with cheering his bus as it rolled through downtown.

I personally was surprised at how emotional I felt upon seeing him. He is the President and thus commands our great country. It was a great day to be an American in Cannon Falls.

One of the places in Cannon Falls that tends to get overlooked, but is truly unique and worthy of a stop is Lisa Dolezal’s Frog Creek Pottery. The studio and retail store is located just west of Cannon Falls and is open essentially every day, just follow the sign off MN Hwy-19 for Frog Creek Pottery…  One reason I want to highlight Frog Creek right now is because their annual Harvest Festival is coming up the weekend of September 17-18. At this festival you can enjoy a delightful autumn day in the country… And, discover a cornucopia of clever ideas for Fall decorating or some early holiday shopping…This festival features some of the area’s finest artisans and growers. It starts at 10am and ends at 5pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.You can stroll around the pond and enjoy pottery (of course), hand blown glass, metal work, painting, photography, massage, pumpkins, scare crows, corn stalks, squash, gourds, mums, apples, honey, bees wax candles, handmade soap, bird houses, bird feeders, yard art, handmade hats, clothing, jewelry, and (truly) much more! — Keep in mind that Frog Creek does more than just this one festival. Lisa offers a range of classes, does some demonstrations, and there are interesting group tours available.  You can see all they offer at  I highly recommend paying them a visit next time you are near Cannon Falls!

Some reasons to visit Cannon Falls in the winter… First, don’t forget about the excellent on-site massage & spa services right here in the house – you never have to go out in the cold after your massage. Plus all 5 of our rooms have a nice whirlpool & a fireplace – it is fun to watch the snow fall from inside a cozy place…The Cannon River Winery stays open most days all winter and provides music on the weekends….Welch Village is an easy 15 minute drive away, where they have great skiing & snowboarding and an outstanding chalet…The Cannon Valley Trail is groomed all the way to Red Wing for cross country skiing, or cross country ski in the Big Woods State Park… If you have snowmobiles, bring them, this area has some great trails! Hjermstad Hardware rents snowshoes and there are lots of places to snowshoe…  And if you want to stay inside, 4th & Main Fabrics offers seminars in their studio…

Cannon Falls is a year around destination. As well as all the rooms at the Quill and Quilt are equipped with a fireplace or stove. Snuggle up in front of the fire while watching a DVD from our library and just stay out of the cold.

Visiting Cannon Falls in the winter is a nice getaway that is close to home for many, but if a blizzard interupts your plans that can be a bummer… This year we are including blizzard insurance if you take advantage of the deal included in this newsletter. If NOAA has a winter storm or blizzard warning in effect, the first day of your reservation, we will re-schedule your stay with no additional charges. Also, if these conditions develop during your stay, you can stay an additional night for $25 based availability.

This is our attempt to take the guess work out of winter travel. No one wants your vacation plans to be interrupted by bad weather but at least we have you covered if it.

This insurance is of course only good at the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast.

On Monday, President Barack Obama is going to do a town hall meeting in Cannon Falls, MN. The event will be held at 11:45 am at Lower Hannah’s Bend Park. Tickets are free and available to the public beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday at Cannon Falls City Hall. They are on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay.

The meeting is part of a Midwest tour of meeting to discuss the economy. It is to start in Cannon Falls and then go on to Iowa and Illinois. The president will be discussing what can be done to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.

Cannon Falls and the Minneapolis area should view this as an opportunity to see the president and hopefully get some of their concerns aired. if you plan to attend, avoid bringing lots of stuff. Security will be tight. ““For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners permitted. All attendees will go through airport-like security. Due to limited space at the event the White House will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets.””

The event is a long walk from the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast. We are currently full Sunday night but have plenty of openings for Monday. Make your reservation early if you want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

This is the first Presidential visit to Cannon Falls in the last hundred year or so. When the Colvill monument was dedicated, we had a president Coolidge visit. I asked the Chamber of Commerce about how this visit came about. Pat responded, “I wish I could take some of the credit…but actually seems as though a couple of White House staffers were in CF (likely scoping out locations)…had lunch and liked what they saw…everything snowballed from there. Its going to be a wild ride! Tons of phone calls and emails already :-)”


Getting it made to display at the Quill and Quilt


Here is the actual banner which we got up last night. The Cannon River Winery also a similar one up so great minds must think alike. hahaha

Stay all 3 nights of Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and
we will refund you the value of your room for Sunday night. Or, stay
both Friday & Saturday night in any room and we will cover the cost of
kayaks or bike rental (for 2). PLUS, leave with a pair of handmade
pottery mugs OR enjoy a wine tasting & truffles during your stay. This
is a great deal!

Labor Day Weekend is September 3, 4, and 5th this year. Please sign up on the website for this deal.

Rules And General Things to be Aware of While Staying at the Quill And Quilt

?         Please don’t burn anything inside the house: no candles, smoking, incense, bonfires, sparklers, fireworks.

  • If you are burning anything outside the house, be super careful not to burn the house down J

?      Parking: There are 4 parking spots along the far side of the parking lot, all facing east toward the house next door. The two far doors on the east end of the garage are not used – they can be blocked. There is a fifth parking spot along the yard, close to the house and partially in line with the first garage door (the door closest to the house). You can also park in the street.

?         On weekends, breakfast is at 9:30 am, in the dining room and check-out is always by 11am.

  • These are not approximate times.
  • If you are staying on a weekend, and you didn’t tell us by the night before that you will not be having breakfast, then we have purchased the ingredients and we are planning on going through the process of making you breakfast. Hence, if you don’t want to have breakfast for some reason, please let us know once you know. The best way to do this would be to call us at (507) 721-1622.

?         The front door has a habit of being blown open. And, you never know who might walk through an open door.  So, when you come in from outside please lock the deadbolt from the inside.

?         If the “do not disturb” sign is displayed on the spa suite, please be respectful as this means the spa suite is in use. The doors block most sound from inside, the windows less from the porch in front of the suite.

?         Tips are always welcome. Please note that all tips are given to the employed staff, not retained by the owner(s) unless otherwise specified.

?         There were no bathrooms in this house when it was built. The plumbing is, well, in a house that was built in 1897.  We have done a lot to make it work well. Still, you may get some sediment from time to time. You might temporarily experience water pressure drop, or fluctuations in temperature, or possibly run out of hot water.

  • First, don’t panic J it is an old house. Always turn on the Jacuzzi tub water with the drain open still, then once the temp is right, close the drain and begin to fill it.  3) if you experience significant water pressure or heat problems, wait 15 minutes and try again, especially if the house is full of guests. 4) be aware it can take a minute or two for get hot water to get to the rooms, especially 3rd floor rooms.

?         Please turn off the lights in your room if you will not be using your room for more than an hour.

?         Also, please adjust the air conditioner to “economy” and raise the temperature to at least 76 or turn off.

?         Speaking of lights J the little candle holders should have little tea lights in them that have an on/off switch on the bottom. If you find that any of the tea lights don’t light up, let us know or bring to breakfast so we can replace them. If you are not using them, please turn them off.

?         We have re-routed the electrical circuits and balanced 200-amp service across this house as best as we can.  Still, it is possible to trip a breaker – especially with hair dryers as they tend to pull a lot of power. If this happens, call (507) 721-1622.

?         If there is a storm, please close the storm windows in your room, as well as the interior windows.

?         Wine Glasses: If you really need wine glasses, there are probably some in the built in cabinet in the dining room, all the way to the bottom all the way to the left. If not, we don’t have clean ones.

?         Please try to avoid eating in the room, but if you do, please don’t eat on the bed. If you do eat while on the bed, please lay down a towel first, just in case.



Rules And General Things to be Aware of While Staying at the Quill And Quilt (Cont)

?         In the event of a power outage, there should be emergency lighting on the 2nd floor landing as well as a flashlight in your room, in a dresser or side table, depends on the room.

?         In the event of an emergency we recommend calling 911. The address here is 615 Hoffman Street West, Cannon Falls.

?         The kitchen is not a guest area

?         If it isn’t paved, cement, stone, wood, etc – it probably was not intended to be walked on.

?         Remember your stuff. If you want us to mail you something that you forgot to take with you when you left, we will charge you $15 plus the cost of shipping it to you.

?      Some things that generally just don’t happen at the Quill & Quilt.

  • Breakfast being served in guest rooms
  • Room freshening during the week
  • Decaf coffee at breakfast (leave a note on the dining room table at night and we will make a pot in the morning)

?      Music: no matter what you like, someone else doesn’t like it.  We play stuff we like.  We also forget and leave music on (sorry in advance).  And we play music too loud sometimes (the ghosts have complained about that).   All I can say to all of that is that if it is seriously bothering you, turn it down or off, or say something to us.

?      I know that if you get this far and read this you are not actually who I want to read it, and pay attention to it. Still, some things just have to be said. The supplies in the rooms, chocolates, soaps, and the like, are intended for your enjoyment in your room – but the ones that are in the other rooms are not meant for your enjoyment.

?         Sometimes we make cookies, sometimes we don’t.  That’s just the way it is here – welcome to Cannon Falls J

This is just our OPINION and a description. In some cases this is based on one visit. There is no opinion for places we have not visited.


Places for dinner (sorted by distance)

 Mill Street Tavern
This is a nicely restored 1903 building with high exposed brick interior walls, a beautiful bar and a nice patio. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, pasta, steak/chops, burgers and a few other items as well as specials.  They make some of their items from scratch, and most of the food is good with a creative touch here and there. Mill Street has a little more selection with tap beer than anywhere else in town, including some craft selections. If you are there later on a weekend night, you might encounter some sort of wedding or other event, by encounter I mean it will be there in the next room and the door is left open, so you will hear whatever they have, band, DJ, etc. The food falls somewhere in the C- to B+ category.  I give the bar selection a B+. Atmosphere (for a bar) A-. Service is pretty good at The Tavern, I would say a B+. Overall, this is a B kind of place.  The location, however, is an A.

401 Mill Street ~ Downtown Cannon Falls / 507-263-9429


 Dudley’s Pizza and Sandwich Shop
Dudley’s has a bit of a cult following.  Further, if there were more Dudley Pizza kind of owners in the world it would be a better place, and I don’t say that with any reference to the food, just the way the place is in the town and how they are overall.  This isn’t really somewhere to hang out but they have a few tables and it is okay to eat there. Most people have their selections delivered or pick it up.  And, mostly, that would be pizza, but they also have sandwiches, lasagna, soups, and salads.  By pizza, they mean flat crust pizza with whatever it is you want on that flat crust – that is the choice.  One great thing about Dudley’s, they are open consistently, a concept that seems a bit foreign to Cannon Falls independent restaurants.

320 West Mill Street~Downtown Cannon Falls / 507-263-4000


 Sol de Mexico~Mexican Grill
This is one place with a different menu.  This is not recycled Applebee’s food item names, or burgers. This is not, however, really all that authentic Mexican.  But it’s still good, just more the Americanized Mexican we have come to love and hate. Tacos in a crispy shell with cheese and tomatoes.  Enchiladas with the standard red enchilada sauce over a tortilla filled with beef or chicken, a few spices and covered in melted cheese. They do have a full bar, although oddly they use a pre-mix for Margaritas.  It is inexpensive and very festive inside – a comfortable place to hang around for awhile.  The former Hardees building still shines through, you just can’t get away from it, although it could be confused with an Arby’s or a Wendy’s. Which, probably doesn’t matter at all.  If you ask nice, you can usually order items that are not on their menu and those are excellent.  If they were to put those selections on the menu, they would get a better rating from me, or they might scare everyone away because it doesn’t resemble Taco Bell at all.  I don’t know.  What I do know, they are consistent, the place seems really clean, they have pretty good food and the service is very attentive.

31518 64th Avenue Path / 507-263-0007


 Chuggers Bar & Grill
Here we have what appears to be a bar with pool tables. But Chugger’s is worth a 2nd look.   True, not much creativity here either.  True, it’s pretty much a bar with food.  But you get to watch them make the food, not like one of those fancy Italian joints, but with an open grill – and the guy doing the cooking might pull you a beer.  There isn’t much of a selection of beer or wine, but they do have some interesting choices on their liquor shelf and they know something about cocktails here.  They also make their own spaghetti sauce, which is novel for a bar like this.  A lot of the menu is standard burgers and deep fried appetizers, but they ask you about things like grilled onions and mushrooms, offer fried pickles and green beans and various potato things and Texas Toast abounds.  They also come up with a special or two, all in the realm of bar food, and good.  You can get your own fish fry about any time.  The bar is big and has lots of seats where you can watch the staff make drinks and cook food.  I give the bar a B-, the food a solid B and service a B+ as these folks pay attention to what they are doing.  Overall, maybe a B. 104 South Fourth Street~Downtown Cannon Falls / (507) 263-0680


 Brewster’s Bar & Grill
Brewster’s has a bar menu, and standard bar food and they don’t mess that up. There is little creativity here.  Brewster’s has very good nightly specials including Thursday night tacos and taco salads, Friday fish fry, Saturday ribs and $1 burgers on one other night.  All the specials are a great deal. The bartenders have a general sense of what they are doing, but don’t expect anything that is all the rage in Manhattan, craft beer, or a good Pinot recommendation.  Service is competent.  You can play pool or darts or a shoot-em-up game. You don’t refer to it as “billiards” here. You can feel comfortable.  There is nothing stand-out on the food menu that I have found, that rates anything better than a C. It all seems to be standard distributed product.  If you hang around into the evening on a weekend you will find yourself in a place filled with local 20 somethings and loud music – but later around 10pm or so. Overall rating = C

115 South Fourth Street~Downtown Cannon Falls / 507-263-5020



Places for dinner (sorted by distance)


 Cannon Golf Club
This is currently the only place that can reasonably be considered “in” Cannon Falls, that might be construed as upscale. They built the clubhouse a couple years ago, and it offers good views of the golf course which is very pretty.  The menu has several creative dishes, which are oddly not listed on the online menu, like the Champagne Chicken  – these are what differentiate their menu from something like Applebee’s, TGIF or the like – and only moderately, so no clue why they don’t advertise them. They also talk about burgers and appetizers in their advertising a lot.  Cannon Falls has no shortage of places to get a burger, so this marketing strategy completely escapes me.  But, the good news is that if you order something with the same name as from those other generic places, when it gets to your table it is generally better and more creative than what you get at those places.  They have a full service bar, depending on who is working the bar. The outdoor patio is nice. The dining room feels a bit cold in regard to ambiance, and far too open to the bar and the TV’s to give the feel of being in a nice dining room.  This place has some bugs to work out with d?cor and atmosphere and service – but the food is good, very good in some cases. One time, on a Saturday, they were closed for dinner? One other time they served a completely frozen side dish to the table – nope, no one in the kitchen or the server noticed. But the comp’d both dinners… So, they are working hard. Some of the entr?es rate an A-, most of the menu rates a B or B+.  Their beer and wine options are a B-.  The atmosphere is probably better than anything in town despite the comments above – I would say the place rates an overall rating of B+.

8606 195th Street~Cannon Falls, MN  55009 /(507) 263-3126


 River Flame Restaurant
This is mostly “supper-club” off the highway.  They do have wood grilled steaks and seafood selections, and do a buffet that is fish oriented on Friday nights.  This is a little on the nice/romantic side, but not a lot on it.  They also have a strong Greek influence, so you can get a few Greek items. They have good service.  The entrees we had were only B-/C+, but they were a bit more creative than anything in town outside of the golf club. The drink selections were standard, so the bar is a B-.  Overall this place was decent, and there are some items on the menu worth trying.

7860 365th St. Way~Just off Hwy 52  6 miles south of Cannon Falls /507-263-4870


 Wiederholt’s Supper Club
This is that supper club you remember from the 70’s, or the 60’s or the 50’s maybe? It was smoky back then. This is a third generation family owned restaurant located in Miesville-8 miles from downtown Cannon Falls. You go here for a slice of meat with some potatoes, not creativity unless you are talking about cocktails or pickled things.  Chicken, steak, fish & seafood, pork – all cooked like it should be if you are at a supper club. This is not a quiet romantic place, especially on a weekend.  This is a busy place where you might wait for an hour in the bar, 20 minutes if you had a reservation.  There is nothing unique about the food, the service is good, and everything about the place is very supper club of yesteryear.  Great cocktails, weak beer list, mediocre wine list.  I give the bar a B-, mostly for the cocktails and efficiency of the staff.  The food is an A, provided you know what to expect, because they really do know how to cook a steak. The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect, so a C there (at best).  Overall, a B+.

14535 240th Street East~Miesville (8 miles from Cannon Falls) / 507-263-2263 or 651-437-3528


 McArthur’s Wood Grill Restaurant and Pub
This is the nicest atmosphere in Cannon Falls.  However, this is almost 15 minutes from Cannon Falls if you know where you are going.  Once you get there, you will dine in a nice setting overlooking the golf course. The bar is separated from the restaurant.  The events are downstairs, not across the hall. But be aware, the regular dinner menu is only served on Friday & Saturday, otherwise you are in a nice pub with somewhat upscale pub food. But, I am referring to dinner here. So, food wise, this place is pretty good.  They have an authentic wood grill, so most items are cooked this way.  This is not a place for vegetarians.  The menu includes entrees, soups, sandwiches, appetizers.  There is creativity on this menu, much more involved than a supper club.  The wine list is severely lacking, and the beer menu is somewhat lacking, but the rest of the bar is stocked fairly well.  I would give the bar selection a C-. The entree items are not numerous, but are all good, some very good.   I give the food a B. Atmosphere is nice, vaulted ceiling, fireplace, nice d?cor, low walls separating the tables, candles, about as nice as it gets in Cannon Falls – A-.  Service is good too, but can be a bit choppy on the knowledge side.  Every time I have been to this place, I have asked a question of my server and the server had to go find out from someone else – not hard questions. But, if you are looking for a quieter, nice, somewhat romantic-ish place around here, this is the closest one.

26166 Nicolai Avenue (Located in the Gopher Hills Golf Clubhouse)
Cannon Falls — (507) 263-2507/  (888) 487-6634



Places for lunch, and other food options

 The Old Market Deli
This place could make it in a city or more competitive town.  The food is very good and consistent.  Someone is choosing their food product well as they get quality meats, breads, ice cream, coffee, all of it.  They take the time to make pastries, quiche, soup and more.  They also offer beer & wine, and have several good selections.  The atmosphere is very smart, old-fashioned but not at all run down, with a bit of modern design.  The patio is nice too, and they do a great job of making the place inviting by taking care of plants and sweeping out the front.  Service is generally good. Some of the ways that things are priced are a bit odd or confusing, especially around the ice cream, but overall this is an excellent restaurant.  I would give some of the breakfast items and pastries an A, the soups can range from a C+ to an A, the sandwiches are all very good, probably B+.  Atmosphere is an A (for a deli) and overall I would give this place an A-.

331 Mill Street West~downtown Cannon Falls / 507-263-8888


 Cannon River Winery
You can get a variety of cheese, crackers, sometimes bread, hard salami / meats to go with your wine. This isn’t a restaurant, but they will give you the food and utensils and you can enjoy this at the winery. 421 Mill Street, Downtown Cannon Falls – (507) 263-7400


 Econo Foods
This is a complete grocery store, and they have a deli that is pretty decent with salads and fried chicken, and a few other hot & cold prepared sandwiches and other options if you are putting together a picnic or just want something light/quick to take along, etc. Located just off Hwy-19 on the other end of the baseball park behind the house, and just east of the Little Cannon River that runs along the east side of the baseball park.


 Hi-Quality Bakery & Coffee Shop
This is just a bakery, they have a full line of fresh, from scratch, home-style bakery items – and some are very good. They will make / decorate a cake for you.  There is indoor seating and they do have coffee, although it is old school coffee – more the church social type as opposed to the Starbucks variety. Super nice people and good service. Open Tuesday -Saturday

121 North Fourth Street, Downtown Cannon Falls / 507-263-2221


 The Dairy Inn
This is kind of like a little Dairy Queen Brazier, but local.  Good chicken. Fair to average on everything else. The service is okay, what you would expect. Located close to the river for the canoe and kayak crew. Not much else to say about it. Overall a C.



 Trout Scream Caf? (Welch)
This is the only place to eat in Welch, the halfway point on the Cannon Valley Trail. They have ice cream, and some sandwiches plus a couple side items, beverages. Nothing fancy but good. Not open much except weekends during the season so call to see before you plan on going there. Overall a B. 14689 Welch Trail, Welch (651) 388-7494



Wine Tasting at the Cannon River Winery: This can be done any time they are open. A tasting includes a little bit of all their wines. You can also do a flight of 3 wines, or a glass of any, or buy a bottle to take or drink there.  Most of their wines are about $15. They also have free live music most weekend afternoons. You can get some cheese & crackers, olives, salami – but they don’t have a restaurant.


Canoe or Kayak the Cannon River: This is pretty easy, but for busy summer weekends you might want to call ahead to reserve.  They are generally open late morning to early evening 7 days a week during the season. You rent the kayaks/canoes and you can get picked up near Welch or near Red Wing, just specify.


Golf: There are 3 golf courses in the area. The back 9 of Summit is really nice. The Cannon Golf Club is close and the oldest, nice course, not quite as challenging as Summit.  Gopher Hills is about 10 minutes away, is a nice course too.  Cannon Golf Club & Gopher Hills both have nice clubhouses with restaurants and a bar.


The Cannon Valley Trail: you will need a trail pass which you can get from us or other merchants in town.  This trail starts just across the MN Hwy-19 bridge on the other side of the Little Cannon River that runs along the ball park out bak, and runs all the way to Red Wing. This is about 22 miles one-way.  There is a nice stop in Welch and an ice cream shop there too, roughly half way.  Bike Rental: they do this by the half or full day and they are decent bikes.


Stanton Airfield: these folks will give glider rides, as well as airplane rides. The field is about 6 miles west on the way to Northfield. The glider pilots are all highly seasoned professional pilots.


The Cannon Falls: if you come to Cannon Falls you have to see the falls! And, while you are at it, you may want to walk along the city paths that go by the swan/duck/fish pond, and over toward the Cannon River and back along the river to the fairgrounds area – a nice walk, all paved.


Historic walk, or just walk around town: there are sidewalks all over this town, nice areas to walk around are just east of downtown and back over by the big cemetery just off Hwy-19 on the east side of town.  This is also where Col. William Colvill is buried, there is a nice monument on the east end of that cemetery with a statue & cannon (he led 1st Minnesota during the Civil War).  You can also grab an historic walking tour (this house is on the tour) map from the Chamber office downtown, that is a nice guide to the historic locations in town.


Cannon Falls Museum: Okay, it is a small museum, and it is open for a just a few hours on Friday and Saturday. But, it is a nice stop if you have time, they did a nice job with the history.


Frog Creek Pottery: This is an interesting place about 2 miles west of town off Hwy-19. Lisa has a variety over interesting original pottery. She also offers classes on pottery making.  It is fun to watch and to look around.


Entertainment: look in the window at the Old Market Deli and the Cannon River Winery for a variety of things to do in the area. You can also look at the “Applause” arts & entertainment that you may find around town. This ranges from performances at the high school to barn auctions, quite random but fun to check out. The Crossings in Zumbrota (about 20 minutes south off Hwy-52) has excellent music when they have it, call ahead.


Cannon Falls Bears Baseball: The Bears play right behind the Quill & Quilt. Tey sell hot dogs, beer, and other concessions at these games. You can see the game well from the shaded stands behind home plate.


Swimmng: in the summer the community pool is open just a few blocks north of here. The pool has changing areas, it is not really big and it isn’t a water park, it is a pool. Still, it can be refreshing.


Nerstrand Big Woods State Park: This is primarily hiking, it is a nice park with some facilities. About 15 miles SW of Cannon Falls.


Shopping: for downtown, Hjermstad’s hardware store with a whole 2nd level of toys and things is worth a look.  The Fabric store on 4th & Main is nice if you like fabrics. And the gift side of Schofield’s is good. Amy’s is a good second hand store. Possibly of interest are Chicago Ed’s jewelry, Pine & Prints and the Schaffer’s Antiques.  Then, about a mile south on Hwy-20 there is the Countryside Antique Mall, and next to that is Pat LaVesque’s, a really nice women’s fashion store.  Scrapbook fans would like the CF Stamp store as well.


The Alexis Bailly Vineyard: near Hastings is a good destination on a nice day. The wine is just okay, but they do have a really nice outdoor vineyard setup, large lawn, some outdoor sculpture. This is a great place to have a little picnic.


Northfield is about 15 minutes away: there are a few blocks of shopping and several restaurants downtown.  They also have a few places with live music in the evening, mostly of the acoustic variety.  St. Olaf & Carleton have live performances in their auditoriums as well – but not so much in the summer, more in the school season.