Fall is definitely here, beautiful warm fall days with just a hint of chill in the morning.  I am a huge fan of the fall colors right now. The maples and some of the early turning trees have already burst into color against the backdrop of green provided by the later turners. This creates bursts of color in the green hillsides. I enjoy the contrast. The early sumac has already turned created these lower dashes of red. This is the early birds fall color watching.



The leaves will still be good up until November as the oaks, elms and the later turners are still to come. The oaks provide some of the prettier color in my mind as you can get firey reds and burnt oranges with the then more somber backdrops as you have less green around them.

Time to make your reservation asap! The B&B is filling up and you would hate to miss walk along the Cannon River and picking out your favorite vista.

The Cannon River Winery opens up to the public to come down and help with the grape harvest. You sign up ahead up time here. Each shift is 3 hours long. It starts out with a nice talk about the winery and the grapes you will be harvesting. Then off you go into the vineyard and start harvesting. It is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. The vineyard is on a hill side over looking a sweeping valley. It could not be more ideal.



Harvest Crew


After the harvesting they provide a nice lunch catered by the Old Market Deli. We got there at 9 and we were done by 12:30. Very much worth the effort.

Thanks to the Cannon River Winery crew.