The Cannon River Winery is having Tank Tasting on March 9th. I did this last year, and it is a fun event. I also did the harvest in the fall which is something everyone should try and do once in their life. Nothing like cutting a bursting cluster of grapes off the vine that is soon to be turned into wine. I am now curious to try that very wine so see you on the 9th.




Here is their email -

Cannon River Winery is excited to invite our past Harvest Crew members back for Tank Tasting!

Saturday, March 9th
12-5 pm

Cannon River Winery



This was taken at about dusk with the lights on. You can almost feel the heat from the fireplace. Thanks Holly for taking them.




Second shot -




The Quill and Quilt makes the perfect winter getaway. Make sure to reserve soon as spring starts to get busy. Thanks.