Cannon Falls offers a few venues for antiquing. And being less then an hour from the Twin Cities, really makes it a desirable location for doing such. No one wants to drive too long with their brand new treasure strapped to the roof.
Country Side Antique Mall has a lot of smaller dealers all in one location. We have done well with finding nice pieces for the Bed and Breakfast as most dealers specialize in some niche or another once you realize that, it makes finding what you want a lot easier. We have a rough sawn oak theme to most of our major pieces and we found some excellent ones there. But the real gems are in the smaller items. and they have tons of them. You can browse for hours in the aisles just looking for the ideal lamp or ceramic piece. The prices are labeled but like in most good antique stores, it is open to interpretation. This is not a flea market in Mexico so don’t expect to get them down by half but most of the dealers will drop a bit for a reasonable offer.
Schaffer’s Antiques is another nice location. They have big and small with a fair amount of everything. It has the perfect feel in that it looks like it was just all thrown in there haphazard and opened for business. Not the case as the owner is very helpful and knows exactly what he has and where it is. Don’t be shy about asking.
I hope this helps you find that perfect center piece the next time you are going through Cannon Falls. Or the next time you want to stay at a great B&B and take more time to peruse, just let us know. We have a room for you.

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