They are looking into building a new library in Cannon Falls. The current library needs 3/4 of a million dollars in repairs so a better use of funds and land is to go new. I applaud this endeavor whole heartedly. Growing up I loved going to the library and still think of it as a fantastic source of information and a refuge.

Kids today need more access to books as the internet, tv and other distractions constantly cut down the time our children spend reading. With reading being the one activity that increases intelligence.

The new library will be built on the same site and will cost 1.4 million dollars. Donations are being accepted. If you want more information -

Cannon Falls Library
306 Mill Street West
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
(507) 263-2804

Update: as 7/4/2011 they were only 150k short of reaching their goal. Hopefully we will have the new library soon.

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