Pat from the Cannon Falls Chamber of Commerce wrote:

A total of 240 students from 18 high schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin are competing in the 38th annual Welch Village/Hastings H.S. Invitational Alpine Ski Meet on today, Friday, January, 18, 2013 at Welch Village. The conditions should be ideal for racing with our natural and manufactured snow base of two to six feet on the racing slopes, with very mild temps for this time of year. The racers are excited for the event which takes place on Lookout and Bakkelyka.


The invitational race has seen many U.S. Olympian competitors such as Cindy Nelson, Kristina Koznick and Tasha Nelson. It is a forerunner of the sectional and state championship races held in Minnesota in early February, and often foretells the top finishers in later races.”

Welch Village Ski resort is open for business. Combine that with a B&B getaway weekend for fun winter getaway. We are 15 minutes away from the slopes. Look forward to a huge breakfast that we offer and then hit the slopes for a day of skiing then back to the Quill and Quilt for a hot tub soak before going out to dinner. There is not a better way to beat the winter then at its own game.

Christmas is already here and we have been ready for quite a while I just forgot to put up photos.


Fall is definitely here, beautiful warm fall days with just a hint of chill in the morning.  I am a huge fan of the fall colors right now. The maples and some of the early turning trees have already burst into color against the backdrop of green provided by the later turners. This creates bursts of color in the green hillsides. I enjoy the contrast. The early sumac has already turned created these lower dashes of red. This is the early birds fall color watching.



The leaves will still be good up until November as the oaks, elms and the later turners are still to come. The oaks provide some of the prettier color in my mind as you can get firey reds and burnt oranges with the then more somber backdrops as you have less green around them.

Time to make your reservation asap! The B&B is filling up and you would hate to miss walk along the Cannon River and picking out your favorite vista.

The Cannon River Winery opens up to the public to come down and help with the grape harvest. You sign up ahead up time here. Each shift is 3 hours long. It starts out with a nice talk about the winery and the grapes you will be harvesting. Then off you go into the vineyard and start harvesting. It is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. The vineyard is on a hill side over looking a sweeping valley. It could not be more ideal.



Harvest Crew


After the harvesting they provide a nice lunch catered by the Old Market Deli. We got there at 9 and we were done by 12:30. Very much worth the effort.

Thanks to the Cannon River Winery crew.

I was sitting out on the back deck a couple weeks ago (coincidentally with a guest who works for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) and we noticed these fluttering things hanging around the flowers that looked like hummingbirds. But, they were a little different than a hummingbird. I snapped a few photos but they flutter around and are hard to catch with my smart phone camera.

They seem to like some little white flowers we had at the time, but also other flowers. They are almost exactly the same size as a hummingbird, curious critters.

It turns out they are technically a “White-lined sphinx moth” (Hyles lineata), a species of hawk moth. The caterpillars feed on morning glory plants, elm, apple, 4 o’clocks, and several less well known plants. The moths pollinate just like hummingbirds and defend their nectar sources. They are interesting moths indeed.

Mark your calendars and make plans to enjoy the 2012 Nature Valley Grand Prix when it comes to Cannon
Falls on Thursday, June 14! Watch the thrilling race and cheer on the professional athletes! Racers from
across the globe will be competing in this race.
The In-Town Circuit is the same route as has been used in the past. See map highlighting the in-town
circuit. For safety reasons, there will be no parking allowed on the in-town circuit and in the Expo
Area on race day. Mill Street, between 3rd & 4th Streets, will be closed at approximately 1:00 p.m.
to allow time to set up the expo area. If your business is located in the Expo area please advise your
staff and customers. During the race itself there will be BRIEF closures of certain streets and intersections.
The in-town circuit will be closed to traffic just before the first racer
enters the circuit and will remain closed until the end of that race. (approx.
30 minutes). There will be about 30 minutes between the women’s race and the men’s
race when traffic will be allowed to move into or out of the area. The men are expected
to be on the in-town circuit at 6:50 p.m. and their race should end by 7:15 p.m. We expect
the women back in town by 7:45 p.m. with their race ending at 8:15 p.m. At 6 p.
m. we will be having the Shimano Kid’s Fun Race that will involve a portion of the
in-town circuit near the start/finish line. Come for the action and stay for the fun. Live music in the Expo by
Dave Carpenter and Friends, Concessions and more.
This event is not only an exciting race by world class athletes, it is also a fund raiser for the CHILDREN’S LIGHTHOUSE of MINNESOTA ! Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota is the first residential children’s hospice and respite care home in Minnesota. With your continued support we can make this another successful event and our community in turn has received $50,000 worth of media exposure letting people know that Cannon Falls is a great place to visit, to work in and to live in. We work hard to keep disruptions to a minimum and with your cooperation TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Want to be a part of the action? There is still time to volunteer! If you are interested , please contact
PAT JONES (507-263-3791), BOB BOSER (507-263-4619) or the CHAMBER OFFICE (507-263-2289)

Special Google Promotion Details

We are running this summer special through Google. To realize the
discount and benefits the reservation must be made online using the
promotional code (see instructions below), to receive:

1) A 20% discount on your entire stay at The Quill and Quilt provided
it begins any Monday-Thursday during the summer (June-August)
a. Note: ALL Saturdays are EXCLUDED from the discount, as well as
Tuesday July 3rd.
2) (Reservations for 2 or more days) In addition to the 20% discount,
guests receive two wheel passes for the Cannon Valley Trail and a wine
tasting for two at The Cannon River Winery
3) (Reservations for 3 days) Guests receive, in addition to #1 and #2
above, a gift box of truffles from Cannon Falls, and one of our handmade
pottery mugs.

Instructions for reserving with this special deal:
1) Choose the date you want to START your stay on the calendar.
2) Enter promotional code GOOGLE2012 in the box that says “Promo Code”
and click on “Go”
3) Choose the number of nights of your stay and the room
a. Note: calendar can be viewed for any one room, or all rooms by
selecting in the pull-down menu
4) Once the room and nights are selected, click “Continue”
5) Choose any additional items (you do NOT need to choose anything
included in the deal, you will be charged for any items selected)
6) Agree to the policy information
7) Complete the registration and payment information.
8) Click “Finish”
9) Note that the initial email notification confirms that you have
completed the reservation process. We will verify, and/or correct
amounts in accordance to the terms of this deal before accepting. You
will receive a corrected confirmation with all details once we have
adjusted and accepted the reservation.

Other notes & information:
1) Reservations must be in the same room and for consecutive nights.
2) This deal cannot be combined with any other discount or special
3) The discount does not apply to Saturdays or July 3rd.
4) This promotion cannot be applied to any existing reservation, or to
any reservation not made by reserving online.
5) This promotion is not valid before 6/1/2012 or after 8/31/2012.
6) The discount does not apply to Saturdays although Saturday can count
toward the 3rd day.

The Old Market Deli, where President Obama had lunch during his visit
to Cannon Falls in 2011, had temporarily closed in order to expand and
improve. They opened the doors last Friday, May 11th. On Thursday
evening the 10th, they had a private tasting to share the new menu – and
I was fortunate enough to be on the guest list.

The new menu at The Old Market Deli showed some resemblance to the old
menu. However, taking a closer look, this is quite a different menu to
what was essentially a sandwich shop, albeit a good one. Perhaps
equally as important, it differs from all Cannon Falls restaurants in
this way – they are using a lot of sustainable product, much of which is
produced locally.

At the tasting my dining partner enjoyed the turkey burger, made with
Ferndale turkey, which is raised free range & organic, and processed in
Cannon Falls. This was served with sweet potato fries, which are great!
I decided to give the bison burger a shot, also produced sustainably in
Minnesota, and it turned out to be full of flavor and substantial.
Further, it came with outstanding hand cut kettle chips. In looking
over the menu, there are many ingredients produced in the area – a
quality improvement with a nod toward the environment that I was not
expecting, but applaud. This is the sort of thing you want to see after
riding The Cannon Valley Trail.

On a second visit I tried the new Market Salad, which is made with some
locally grown produce, and a wonderful light dressing made in
partnership with The Cannon River Winery just a block away. And, you
guessed it, smoked turkey from The Ferndale Market. This was a very,
very good salad. And my friend had a burger – yes, the 15th (I believe)
restaurant within 10 miles of Cannon Falls that offers burgers on their
menu. However, this one is made with locally grown grass fed beef,
raised and processed sustainably by the Thousand Hills Cattle Company of
Cannon Falls.

The Deli offers some of their signature sandwiches from before, and the
salad offerings have expanded. In general, there is some of what was
there, plus a lot of new items and twists with a much stronger sense of
creativity behind the food at this new version of The Old Market Deli.

And a final comment, on both visits we enjoyed the patio, which is
charming. So far, however, they have not changed their hours – which
means this is an excellent option for breakfast or lunch, not dinner.
However, my next visit is probably going to be for appetizers and wine
in the afternoon. They now offer flat bread pizza, as well as a few
compelling appetizers. I highly recommend stopping by the newly
reopened and improved Deli!

Here is our original Old Market Deli review

Cannon Falls is a small town with no live theater, and performances of
any kind are somewhat rare. So when the Cannon Falls High School does
their spring drama it adds a nice touch of culture in the only real
auditorium in the city (located at the high school).

This year the students are putting on a production of “Our Town,” by
Thornton Wilder. The play is set in a tiny New Hampshire town known as
Grover’s Corners in the early 20th Century. This is a charming,
evocative and touching story. And the drama program at Cannon Falls is
actually pretty good, the students do a nice job of staging and
performing by high school standards. In short, this is $8 well spent if
you enjoy live theater.

There will be 4 performances of Our Town this May, Saturday the 12th,
Friday the 18th & Saturday the 19th all at 7:00 p.m. – plus Sunday the
13th at 2:00 p.m. All performances will be at the Cannon Falls High
School Auditorium (820 East Minnesota Street). Tickets are $8 for adults
and may be purchased at the door.

We spent quite a bit of time and money last year getting the gardens back in shape. Well to make a point of it, the results are beginning to show. The idea is to have new flowers constantly starting as the summer progresses. This is harder then it looks. But so far so good!

The gardens and lawn are already looking good! An early spring in
Minnesota has given us a head start this year, and it looks like June at
The Quill and Quilt about a month earlier than normal. I think we might
have had some snow piles around last year at this time. But as of last
night (May 8th), we had poppies and iris flowering in the back, although
the tulips and most lilacs have come and gone, and the bleeding heart
plant out front has bloomed and probably won’t show those colors for
more than another week or so. But don’t be discouraged, there are a lot
of colorful plants all around the Quill and Quilt though – so more to

In fact, we did a lot of work over the past couple of years to
rebalance the flowering plants around the property, and plant new ones –
so this year there should be lots of colors popping up all around
throughout the summer and early fall.

We also planted raspberries and strawberries and are hoping they bear
some fruit this year. We did get a fair amount of fruit from our
Honeycrisp apple tree last fall and hopefully this year will be the
same. Guests staying in season for these will be rewarded with fresh
fruit grown right on the property!