The annual Nature Valley Bicycle Festival is coming back to Cannon Falls on Thursday, June 14th, 2012. This annual event uses the Cannon Valley Bike Trail that starts in Cannon Falls and goes to Red Wing, MN. This is a great even to come see with the kids and family.

In addition, this year we will be helping raise funds for Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota the new beneficiary for the 2012 event. Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota is the first hospice and respite care home in Minnesota exclusively for children.

Along with helping to raise money for this worthy cause, this event is also great publicity for our community and a great way to let people know what a great place Cannon Falls is to shop in, to bike in, to visit and to live in! It is also a great opportunity to promote the Cannon Valley Trail. Do you know that Cannon Falls receives over $50,000 worth of media and marketing publicity by hosting this event? Check out the website at , click on “Grand Prix” and follow the links to see the great publicity that is printed about Cannon Falls!

Planning is now underway to make this year’s race, expo area, kids race and other activities bigger and better. There will be live music, concessions and other booths in the Cannon Falls expo area located on Mill Street in front of the library plus Nature Valley will be once again hosting a neighborhood picnic at the Eastside Park as a way to say thank you to those folks living along the in-town circuit. The Cannon Falls Community Band will be performing at the Neighborhood Picnic. This is your opportunity to see world-class professional athletes in action and help a worthy cause at the same time.

They are looking for helpers so make a day of it and help a great cause and help promote biking in MN.

Now a family tradition here in Cannon Falls, the annual
Children’s Easter Hunt will be held on Saturday, APRIL
7 at 10 a.m. The Easter Bunny has assured us that he/she
will be hopping in to give us a hand!
Children aged 10 and under are invited to come to the parking lot of the Cannon
Falls Library to get a number that matches a number on a bag of Easter candy at
one of the participating businesses. They are also asked to bring a donation of
food or cash for the Cannon Falls Food Shelf. This event was created as a vehicle
to promote local businesses. Children and their parents go from business to
business in search of the matching number.
Here’s what you need to know to participate in this promotion:
Candy bags will be assembled on Thursday, April 5 at 8 a.m. at the CANNON
numbered and labeled with the business name on them. The day of the event you
either need to set the bags in a window so people can see the numbers OR post the
numbers on your door, so participants know which bags you have. All
participating businesses are asked to send a representative to help fill the baskets.
Remember the old adage…“Many hands make light the work”.
There is no cost to you to participate. Any Chamber member business that is open
on Saturdays is invited to take part in this promotion.
If you would like to be a part of this event, please call or email the
Chamber office BY FRIDAY, MARCH 30TH. Questions??? Call
the Chamber at 263-2289 or email:

The The Cactus Blossoms are coming to Cannon Falls. this is a must see concert in the new auditorium. See more below.

You have to drive no further than Cannon Falls to enjoy world-class entertainment! The Cactus Blossoms, one of the metro area’s top Country & Western bands will be performing a benefit concert in the Cannon Falls High School Auditorium, on Saturday, March 31 at 7 p.m. The concert also includes a special guest appearance by The Dovetailers.


The Cactus Blossoms recorded their debut CD locally, at the LittleBig Studio co-owned by Brent Sigmeth and Jeff McCusker. It is that local connection that has given us the opportunity to hear this group perform. The success of this concert will likely open the door to more and more events of this caliber to be held at the auditorium. Our new auditorium at the Cannon Falls High School provides the perfect venue for events like this.


Proceeds from this event will go toward the installation of new lighting for the auditorium as well as maintenance. Advanced tickets are available online at Enter promo code: Cactus for $5 off ticket price. Tickets also available at the door for $20.


This is a great way for you to enjoy a great concert and support the use of the new auditorium as well.

After one of the mildest winters in history, we finally have some snow and more on the way. Welch village has been open all year and will continue to the end of the season. But now we have some decent snow scheduled. I do not mind skiing on man made snow as all skiing is good but lets face it, skiing on the real stuff is better. So if you have been putting off your weekend getaway then now is the time. Make it a weekend getaway with a nice stay at the Quill and Quilt combined with a bunch of downhill skiing. We are just minutes away from Welch Village. Get all the comfort and feel of a premier B&B with the great outdoor activity of skiing. Reserve today!

Chamber Merchandise Certificates

…A Great Way to Support the Local Economy

Need a gift idea? Want to purchase something that will please anyone on your list? Want to do something good for the local economy and support local businesses at the same time? Why not purchase Chamber Merchandise Certificates this holiday season?

Chamber Merchandise Certificates can be ordered and purchased through the Chamber office. The certificates are done in increments of $5 or $10 and can be redeemed at ANY CF Chamber member business in exchange for goods or services. There is no expiration date on the Chamber Merchandise Certificates.

If you are planning to give Chamber dollars away as Christmas gifts, please purchase them prior to December 21st.

We are Chamber members and will be accepting these at the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast. This is a fantastic gift idea for friends and family. Give them to your co-workers or where ever you are having a hard time thinking of gift idea. These keep on giving to the local community. So please support Cannon Falls!

“Give the gift of jobs and prosperity, Buy Local this Holiday Season.”

This holiday season, we are seeing lots of people trying help their local economy and “Buy Local.”  This is a fantastic way to keep money in your local economy. Money that is then multiplied many times as it continues to circulate in the local economy. As an exampple, a stay at our B&B is then distributed to the Cannon Falls area such. We hire locals for our staffing needs. We purchase our chocolates from a local confections store in Hastings.  We purchase our produce from the Ferndale Market right here in Cannon Falls. We use the local Hi-Quality Bakery for our snacks and treats. Our mortgage gets paid to the local White Rock Bank here in town. Add in all of the trades people that is takes to maintain a 100 year old home in the Minnesota climate, and you can be assured that the vast majority of your spent monies will stay local.Add in property taxes and utilities and we are probably around 90% of the money stays right here in Minnesota with over half staying in Goodhue County. It will be hard to beat that.

You can compare this to shopping in a large big box store. The only local thing is the store which was designed to be maintenance free for the most part. Then they hire locals to work there which is nice, and we would all hate to lose those jobs in our community but after that? The product is made over seas. The home office costs and profit all go off to where ever. The product cost is at least 50% or more of the total and that is for sure leaving not just the area but the country.These stores and products serve a purpose in that they keep the cost of raising a family and living in the USA down. But when it is extra money that you are looking to give to friends and family in the form of a gift then does this really make sense?


Quill and Quilt Gift Certificate

Quill and Quilt Gift Certificate


If you do find local products at your local stores then you are on the right track and more power to you. But for those who are stilling struggling to find a fast and easy way to assure that you are buying local then a gift certificate to your local B&B is the way to go. I am hoping for all the best for you and yours this holiday season. Buy local!

The timing of the perfect weekend to see the height of the change. First off, it is not possible. The trees with change at different times. The maples and some of the soft woods change at least a week if not two ahead of the harder woods like oaks and elms. I think this adds too and not detract from a good fall vista. You want to see the explsion of color against a back drop of green in my opinion. So the first part of October is my favorite. But the majority of people think the 15th is give or the perfect time to see peak color. This could be true but you will miss the truly amazing reds and yellows of the maples.


Fall Leaves


This was taken on the 6th in front of the Quill and Quilt. The color is just vibrant in my opinion. The hillsides surrounding Cannon Falls were still pretty green. The majority of the trees had not changed. We have had seasonally warm weather and dry. The trees have already started drop and it is the 12th. I think the weekend of the 15th will be the last chance to even see fall colors and chances are it will be over by the 22nd or so. My oaks have turned and are at least half fallen already. I have to blame the dry weather for this though. Normally the oaks can hold their leaves into the early part of November. They are not the prettiest in color but they do typify a Minnesota fall for most of us.

But you have to also remember Cannon Falls is South of the Twin Cities and that does give us just a bit longer before the turn. So if your yard is full of leaves in Minneapolis or St Paul, remember you get a few more days in Cannon Falls before it is the same. So come on down and take the drive out to Welch or the Cannon River Vineyard while you are here to get some decent vistas.

The Cannon Falls Chamber of Commerce wrote a nice open letter to the residents of Cannon Falls. It mirrored our sentiments also. The President’s visit was a great day that showcased what a great little town, Cannon Falls is. It was also nice to see so many people putting aside some political differences to welcome the President. I too felt proud to be part of it all.


Thanks to the Cannon Falls Public Works Crew, the Cannon Falls Police Department, the staff at the Cannon Falls City Hall for their work in making President Obama’s visit here so successful.
Thanks also to You…Cannon Falls Business Community…You are the ones who had the welcome mat out for the hundreds of visitors, newscasters, reporters, White House Staff, Secret Service and the President of the United States this past Monday! Our community looked wonderful…lush flowers and flower baskets, flags, great looking store fronts…A perfect picture of small town America!! THANK YOU!
Patricia A. Anderson, Chamber President
Cannon Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
103 North 4th Street, POBox 2
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: 507-263-2289

President Obama visited Cannon Falls today on the beginning of his tour through the Midwest. He came in at about noon and gave a speech at the local park in a town meeting style and then went through downtown on his way out. He stopped at the Old Market Deli and had some lunch before leaving. A big congrats to Gary and crew over there as they do an amazing job and it was nice to see them rewarded in such a nice way.

The local and national press were all over Cannon Falls. Fox news had done some footage in the Cannon River Winery which aired this morning. I saw some live coverage of the event on CNN and it really made the Cannon River look amazing as a backdrop for his speech. Overall it was fantastic for Cannon Falls and the town responded in kind with cheering his bus as it rolled through downtown.

I personally was surprised at how emotional I felt upon seeing him. He is the President and thus commands our great country. It was a great day to be an American in Cannon Falls.

One of the places in Cannon Falls that tends to get overlooked, but is truly unique and worthy of a stop is Lisa Dolezal’s Frog Creek Pottery. The studio and retail store is located just west of Cannon Falls and is open essentially every day, just follow the sign off MN Hwy-19 for Frog Creek Pottery…  One reason I want to highlight Frog Creek right now is because their annual Harvest Festival is coming up the weekend of September 17-18. At this festival you can enjoy a delightful autumn day in the country… And, discover a cornucopia of clever ideas for Fall decorating or some early holiday shopping…This festival features some of the area’s finest artisans and growers. It starts at 10am and ends at 5pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.You can stroll around the pond and enjoy pottery (of course), hand blown glass, metal work, painting, photography, massage, pumpkins, scare crows, corn stalks, squash, gourds, mums, apples, honey, bees wax candles, handmade soap, bird houses, bird feeders, yard art, handmade hats, clothing, jewelry, and (truly) much more! — Keep in mind that Frog Creek does more than just this one festival. Lisa offers a range of classes, does some demonstrations, and there are interesting group tours available.  You can see all they offer at  I highly recommend paying them a visit next time you are near Cannon Falls!