On Monday, President Barack Obama is going to do a town hall meeting in Cannon Falls, MN. The event will be held at 11:45 am at Lower Hannah’s Bend Park. Tickets are free and available to the public beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday at Cannon Falls City Hall. They are on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay.

The meeting is part of a Midwest tour of meeting to discuss the economy. It is to start in Cannon Falls and then go on to Iowa and Illinois. The president will be discussing what can be done to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.

Cannon Falls and the Minneapolis area should view this as an opportunity to see the president and hopefully get some of their concerns aired. if you plan to attend, avoid bringing lots of stuff. Security will be tight. ““For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners permitted. All attendees will go through airport-like security. Due to limited space at the event the White House will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets.””

The event is a long walk from the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast. We are currently full Sunday night but have plenty of openings for Monday. Make your reservation early if you want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

This is the first Presidential visit to Cannon Falls in the last hundred year or so. When the Colvill monument was dedicated, we had a president Coolidge visit. I asked the Chamber of Commerce about how this visit came about. Pat responded, “I wish I could take some of the credit…but actually seems as though a couple of White House staffers were in CF (likely scoping out locations)…had lunch and liked what they saw…everything snowballed from there. Its going to be a wild ride! Tons of phone calls and emails already :-)


Getting it made to display at the Quill and Quilt


Here is the actual banner which we got up last night. The Cannon River Winery also a similar one up so great minds must think alike. hahaha

Stay all 3 nights of Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and
we will refund you the value of your room for Sunday night. Or, stay
both Friday & Saturday night in any room and we will cover the cost of
kayaks or bike rental (for 2). PLUS, leave with a pair of handmade
pottery mugs OR enjoy a wine tasting & truffles during your stay. This
is a great deal!

Labor Day Weekend is September 3, 4, and 5th this year. Please sign up on the website for this deal.

So we made it over to the Cannon Golf Club for dinner last weekend, in
part because I had been meaning to experience their patio. Well, that,
and we wanted a decent dinner on a Sunday night. If you are not
familiar, this patio is pretty nice – umbrella tables, which are wrought
iron and solid, and a beautiful view of the course from slight
elevation. I would suggest some flower pots or a little more color
somehow, but already (and this is not a huge achievement, but…) this is
the best outdoor restaurant/bar patio within a few miles of Downtown
Cannon Falls. I suspect they might invest more in it if it was
patronized. For reference, this was one of those perfect days, 75
degrees with low humidity, very light breeze, clear blue evening sky.
Plus, it was Sunday, so it might have been the only restaurant with any
patio that was open. And? No one was outside. All the other patrons
were inside. All of them. Sure, they were happily eating and drinking
in there. I find that quite bizarre. But enough about that. On this
visit, I discovered the walleye fingers – which were beautiful, large
pieces of walleye deep fried in a light and crunchy classic batter. I
know it’s simple, but this can get messed up pretty easy – plus it was
substantial. These were not those silly corporate restaurant fingers,
this is closer to what you get when you bring your Canadian fishing trip
catch back to grandma’s and she whips out a deep fryer from a back
cupboard and it gets to be a feast. I also discovered the cranberry
vinaigrette dressing, which was not only tasty but worked as an
interesting alternative dipping sauce for the fish. The bottom line is
this is a solid restaurant with a nice patio that is open on Sunday. I
urge you to recall this the next nice day you are looking for a nice
outdoor dining experience in Cannon Falls, ANY day of the week.

I cannot say enough about this place. The deli was remodeled and opened a few years ago. The d?cor is right out of the 1920’s. The tin coved ceilings and the hexagon tiles with the name in it are just some of the fantastic period remodeling that went into the restaurant. The owner, Gary had a real vision of what he wanted, and he nailed it. The chairs and table are real wood but in a comfortable way with a substantial feel. The large deli counter is the feature of the place in that you obviously have to mosey on up to order but not in an intimidating way. If you have been to a place that is a bit out of the ordinary and found yourself wondering what do I do here, then this bit of info makes sense. The whole thing could be taken right from time square or a backstreet of Chicago. All he is missing is the accent and the grime (the place is immaculate!). Plenty of seating while you wait for them to bring your order to you.
Now for the food. Being as you have just stepped in from a Southern Minnesota small town street, you are expecting a certain cuisine even if the name deli is on the door. Well you are wrong. the honey mustard has a bite. You want some fresh avocado on that? No problem as they have it. Overall, I thought the menu was maybe a little too risky for small town tastes but I am clearly wrong as show up during a rush and you will have a hard time finding a table. They do daily soups and everything is customizable to taste so do not fear that you will be gastronomically pushed during your lunch hour if you don’t want to be.
Now for the best trip. Go during a sunny day and eat on the patio to the side of the building. We ate and watched the hummingbirds fly in and amongst the flowers. Totally delightful!
The Quill and Quilt uses the Old Market Deli for our days when someone wants to eat at an odd hour or some other special request. We have a deal with them where our guest can go over and order whatever they want and charge it back to us. This has proven very good for all involved as the Deli does a great breakfast with lots of options.

The Old Market Deli
331 Mill St W
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
(507) 263-8888

Dudley’s Pizza & Sandwich Shop of Cannon Falls is a lical sandwhich and pizza shop. I have had teh delivery a few times and honestly vouch for this pizza. I like it. This is a high quality flavorful pizza. It does not resemble the major delivery brands in that it is going have more flavor and a bit more grease then those brands but in a good way. The big size is really big. Feeds a good five people well. We had a group of six and ordered two extra large and we way over did it.
The B&B works well for this if you have a large group over night and want to keep to our common rooms and chat. We had the whole B&B so we ordered the two and then sat around to all hours of the night having a good time. They deliver right to the Quill and Quilt so no need to go out. It is a great way to keep the flow going if you are enjoying the fireplace on a chilly night or back patio on a summer evening.
I have no experienced the sandwich side of the shop but I was talking Lisa from Frog Creek Pottery and she uses them to make her picnic lunches in the summer. Her opinion was that it was a great sandwich at a good value. Who doesn’t like that? They pride themselves on making a lot of the stuff from scratch with high quality ingredients. Sort of makes you want to pick up the phone and order doesn’t it? They also offer dine in.

Dudley’s Pizza & Sandwich Shop

320 W Mill St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009-2045

It is easy to forget about dinner at The Cannon Golf Club.
But, you should try and remember it for a few reasons. To start, they
are only about 3 miles from downtown Cannon Falls. You just go north on
Hwy-20 to the sign for Randolph (Goodhue 17) and go a mile or so on 17,
and look for their clubhouse off to the left. Also, the atmosphere is
very pleasant, either overlooking the golf course from the very nice
inside or sitting outside on their patio. Then, one of the best things,
is there is some creativity going on with the food – which is
inexplicably lacking in Cannon Falls. They offer good flatbread pizzas,
and some interesting entr?es that are not on their online menu but are
rather tasty – since it is Cannon Falls, they have plenty of burger
options too. Important to some of us, they also have a respectable bar
selection with good choices in beer and wine. And finally, the cost
when considering everything is quite reasonable. The only thing that can
get in the way of all this value, is they don’t have a separate room for
banquets. This means they have to close the dining room and are not
open for dinner when they have an event. So, save yourself some
trouble by calling ahead to verify they are open for dinner, especially
on Saturdays. Their menu is here.

8606 295th Street East
Cannon Falls, Minnesota 55009
Email: greglee@cannongolfclub.com
Phone: 507-263-3126 Fax 507-263-9486

The 2011 “Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival” is now in its 2nd year – at least in this format. This is a different festival from the “Cannon Falls Art Festival” which you may recall from a few years back – held on Mill Street in front of the Cannon River Winery.
The new format is much more pleasant and brings more attention to wine and music. Hannah’s Bend Park is beautiful and spacious. It is laden with 100+ year-old trees, borders the Cannon River and is the site of a Frisbee golf course (except for this weekend of course). You can easily walk or bike from the center of town.
There is no charge for the festival which opens at 10am and runs to 5pm on Saturday & Sunday (7/16 & 7/17). There is also a variety of music and other entertainment – the sort of which you might expect at an outdoor wine and art festival, again, all free. It is, after all, a wine & art festival, so you can assume that you could purchase wine & art – and in fact that is the case.
If you would like to sample the wines, there is a $20/person fee and you must be 21 years old. You will be granted opportunity to sample wines from 12 of the best wineries in the region, and talk to representatives directly involved in the operation of producing these wines. The wine tasting is from 12pm-4pm each day.
This festival has a strong local element; some may say it is their focus. There will be locally sourced food products, local wines, and naturally local artisans. Prominently, there is a good variety of local art represented and much is very accessible. Proceeds go toward a local memorial the town wants to build to honor Veterans – in another park just down the river from Hannah’s Bend.
It is hard to beat the combination of beautiful nature, live music, interesting art, and the opportunity to check out the wines of 12 local and unique wineries at the same time.

Cannon River Winery Vineyard of Cannon Falls will be open for tours and picnics starting in July. Weather permitting it will run every Sat from July 2nd to the end of September. This is a real treat. Minnesota does not have an abundance of vineyards so to have one that you can tour and picnic in is a nice change from the norm.

You need to stop by the Cannon River Winery to pick pay $5 and pick up a map. Only Cannon River Winery wine is welcome at the vineyard. You could do a lot worse then bringing a bottle or two of their award winning wine. Packing a nice picnic lunch and enjoying the feel of a true working vienyard right here in Minnesota. The vista is picturesque as you are on a hillside overlooking a sweeping valley. The arrow straight rows of grape vines transport you across the ocean to a simpler way of life in the old country.

A truly must see if you are lover of the grape.

Sol De Mexico Mexican Grille in Cannon Falls is a real treat to find where it is. I am a huge fan of Mexican food and this place did more then ok. First off a good Mexican restaurant needs to have and margaritas. I also need them to big, frozen and strawberry. They offer all of this. The decor is a bit simple. Nothing fancy as is the food but it is good. The fajitas came out sizzling and were right off the grill. They had a decent helping of guacamole on the plate. I could not have been happier.

The place like I mentioned is not fancy. No need to dress up. i am surprised at how authentic the food was for being in the country. This is not a Hispanic area of Minnesota. I understand the owner has more then one and hopefully he will soon have many as I would also like one or a dozen up here in the Cities.

Try the Sol De Mexico Mexican Grille, you will not be disappointed.

Matt’s Review –

Cannon Falls has plenty of options if you are looking for a burger. You can get one at McDonald’s, The Mill Street Tavern, Chuggers, Brewsters, The Cannon Golf Club, The Dairy Inn, Dairy Queen, The VFW, Country Kitchen, and most any gathering. However, finding something made in-house that is not a burger, and doesn’t exist on the Applebee’s menu is considerably more challenging. If you also want to have a server and a full bar available – the field of restaurants gets very thin indeed. One place you can go for all this is Sol de Mexico. Ironically, this place is built in what was once a Hardees, where many a hamburger was flipped. Sol de Mexico is located just off Hwy-52 and across from the big truck stop south of town. Once inside, you will see they have done what they can to offer a festive atmosphere.

The menu has basically all the Mexican food items now household names thanks to Taco Bell, Zantigo & Taco Johns, plus some things like fajitas that are not. However, the ingredients lean more to the authentic/traditional, and overall the quality is much better. The menu does lack what you might expect in a more traditional Mexican restaurant, so don’t expect mole sauce. But, you will run across authentic Mexican cheese, fresh cilantro and corn tortillas. The free salsa & chips are great and they usually have them in front of you within seconds of sitting down. Don’t overlook the tacos as they are simple and made with nicely seasoned beef. You may enjoy them even more during happy hour, which is pretty much any time other than peak dinner or lunch hour – since you can get them and any of their tap beers for $1. I think that might beat Taco Bell prices, and no one will pour you a Fat Tire at Taco Bell. Oddly, they apparently use a mix for their frozen margaritas – so you might want to call your tequila and/or get it made on the rocks. What I have sampled from their menu has all been decent, and in most cases good. I have not found anything on the menu that hits the “rave about it” section of the food meter – but I will say the service is always spot on, and the place seems very clean. Oh! And they also have a hamburger on their menu.

We are discussing how to set up a quilting retreat with a group. The best idea seems to be that they would need to fill the whole B&B or close to it. Then we would be able to provide the common areas for their quilting. I can just imagine the whole place filled with quilters on a cold winter night. the fireplaces roaring and every having a good time. We have a large dining area with a large table that would be perfect for setting up. then we could stage a few other areas. Space and comfort for all is the idea.Not to mention, Fabrics on Fourth is within walking distance for the last minute needs. You can never have too much fabric (only quilters will get this one).

So if you are also looking for a place to do your Quilting Retreat, please keep the Quill and Quilt in mind. We could work with a smaller group in the off season. So whatever you are thinking just call or email and we will try to accommodate you.

Update – We should be able to get a discount out of the Fabirc store for large groups so certainly ask us what we can do to help.