The House of Coates is another great restaurant that is snuggled in small town Minnesota. You can get a really decent burger and simple fare at a great price.  Better yet it is right on the interstate. All of Coates is right on the US 52 as this is one of the towns that you would miss if you did a big yawn. Try the Swanee burger or which ever you like as they are all good. The only bad thing is they are getting pretty well known so going at peak times can be a bit iffy. I know this is a small town but it can get busy trust me. Still one of the best burgers going in this neck of the woods so a must go if you are in the mood for one.

The House of Coates suffers from a change in the highway right there. Before you could turn right in from either direction and now you have to go North on 52 and take the frontage back to enter. A pretty small inconvenience considering the fare. Check it out.

Currently we are one of the closest Bed and Breakfast to Coates.