King’s Place in Miesville, MN was surprisingly packed for a nice summer afternoon. I had to sit at the bar which then soon began to fill in. I was right before noon so that might explain some of it but wow. I had been told to expect a good hamburger and sports bar atmosphere. The atmosphere was sports bar but definitely seemed fine for a family lunch though too. Roomy place with lots of character. Pretty nice small town bar was more of the feel when i walked in and then saw a few kids eating with mom and dad. So overall it was an anything goes setting. A patio was on the side but didn’t seem that inviting as it was just off the parking lot.
Never one to have to be told twice, I ordered a hamburger. You could tell by the menu that this was what was expected of me. The whole right side is hamburgers. Fine by me. I have have been dieting so I went for a bacon burger with fried onions. Oops. I would skip anything with bacon as it was ground bacon bits and not slices. Not bad but struck the wrong chord. I was looking for a big high calorie burger to break my long streak without and bacon bits on top was not the thing. That being said the burger was really good and went down fast. I am actually hard pressed to give more details as I pretty much just inhaled it. The chips and soda were well chips and soda.
I can see where it is a nice place to stop in if you are going here to there or live in the area and want to have some food and fun. Again the Quill and Quilt of Cannon Falls is the closest Bed and Breakfast to them so look for us if you want to stay near Miesville.

Wiederholt’s Supper Club is probably the closest fine dining to the Bed and Breakfast. IT is just a few minutes away in Miesville. If you look them up on Google maps it says Hastings but they are downtown Miesville. A very quiet little southern Minnesota. Wiederholt’s is kind of a fixture around here in that it is the place you go for birthdays, anniversaries or that type of thing. Long term ownership by the same family has kept the standard up. We recommend them almost daily to our guests.
Make sure you say hi one the brothers who owns and tell them we sent you. You can almost always find one behind the bar.
Miesville does not have a Bed and Breakfast and we are probably as close as you can get to them. So go on over and tell them The Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast sent you.