Chuggers Bar & Grill: 104 4th Street South, Cannon Falls, MN (507) 263-0680 ?

Okay! So, every now and then stuff surprises you. I have to admit, I have driven by this place many times and just figured from the outside it was unremarkable, maybe worse.  But I was hungry, and they are open on Sundays – a concept lost on many Cannon Falls establishments – so we went inside.  It is a little strange that you have to wander through  the pool tables to get to the bar and tables, but it has to be that way.  So, we sat at the bar, right by where the dude cooking is doing his thing. Seconds go by, and these folks have a menu and cool beverage in front of us.  With a drink in hand I peruse the menu and ask a few questions, it is an easy going place.  They avoided my pet peeve of asking for recommendations and getting most of the menu repeated back to me. Man, that really disappoints me at restaurants - but again, that did NOT happen here. So, I ordered the steak & spaghetti on a recommendation, thinking to myself “hmm, we’ll see”.  The guy cooking asks me about grilled onions and mushrooms and anythsome other stuff, and proceeded to cook them up next to the steak.  The steak was good, the cut was decent and it was cooked properly. Then, as it turns out, the spaghetti is a family recipe with rib meat cooked into it – this wasn’t a Sysco #10 can, this was good sauce made by somebody. I saw many menu items come across the line including a few burgers, which looked great – and yes you can get a burger at about 20 places in Cannon Falls. But seeing them, I would get one at Chuggers. They also do a fish fry all day long.  One thing I liked a lot, the bartenders and the cook all worked together and there was little that felt corporate about this place. Okay, that’s 2 things. But if you are looking for a good casual dinner, in a casual place, give these guys a shot.  Speaking of shots, I have some bartending experience and can tell you, the guy behind the bar the day I was there – a professional. You can get a decent cocktail at Chuggers. And, you can walk back here from there.

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