The timing of the perfect weekend to see the height of the change. First off, it is not possible. The trees with change at different times. The maples and some of the soft woods change at least a week if not two ahead of the harder woods like oaks and elms. I think this adds too and not detract from a good fall vista. You want to see the explsion of color against a back drop of green in my opinion. So the first part of October is my favorite. But the majority of people think the 15th is give or the perfect time to see peak color. This could be true but you will miss the truly amazing reds and yellows of the maples.


Fall Leaves


This was taken on the 6th in front of the Quill and Quilt. The color is just vibrant in my opinion. The hillsides surrounding Cannon Falls were still pretty green. The majority of the trees had not changed. We have had seasonally warm weather and dry. The trees have already started drop and it is the 12th. I think the weekend of the 15th will be the last chance to even see fall colors and chances are it will be over by the 22nd or so. My oaks have turned and are at least half fallen already. I have to blame the dry weather for this though. Normally the oaks can hold their leaves into the early part of November. They are not the prettiest in color but they do typify a Minnesota fall for most of us.

But you have to also remember Cannon Falls is South of the Twin Cities and that does give us just a bit longer before the turn. So if your yard is full of leaves in Minneapolis or St Paul, remember you get a few more days in Cannon Falls before it is the same. So come on down and take the drive out to Welch or the Cannon River Vineyard while you are here to get some decent vistas.

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