Rules And General Things to be Aware of While Staying at the Quill And Quilt

?         Please don’t burn anything inside the house: no candles, smoking, incense, bonfires, sparklers, fireworks.

  • If you are burning anything outside the house, be super careful not to burn the house down J

?      Parking: There are 4 parking spots along the far side of the parking lot, all facing east toward the house next door. The two far doors on the east end of the garage are not used – they can be blocked. There is a fifth parking spot along the yard, close to the house and partially in line with the first garage door (the door closest to the house). You can also park in the street.

?         On weekends, breakfast is at 9:30 am, in the dining room and check-out is always by 11am.

  • These are not approximate times.
  • If you are staying on a weekend, and you didn’t tell us by the night before that you will not be having breakfast, then we have purchased the ingredients and we are planning on going through the process of making you breakfast. Hence, if you don’t want to have breakfast for some reason, please let us know once you know. The best way to do this would be to call us at (507) 721-1622.

?         The front door has a habit of being blown open. And, you never know who might walk through an open door.  So, when you come in from outside please lock the deadbolt from the inside.

?         If the “do not disturb” sign is displayed on the spa suite, please be respectful as this means the spa suite is in use. The doors block most sound from inside, the windows less from the porch in front of the suite.

?         Tips are always welcome. Please note that all tips are given to the employed staff, not retained by the owner(s) unless otherwise specified.

?         There were no bathrooms in this house when it was built. The plumbing is, well, in a house that was built in 1897.  We have done a lot to make it work well. Still, you may get some sediment from time to time. You might temporarily experience water pressure drop, or fluctuations in temperature, or possibly run out of hot water.

  • First, don’t panic J it is an old house. Always turn on the Jacuzzi tub water with the drain open still, then once the temp is right, close the drain and begin to fill it.  3) if you experience significant water pressure or heat problems, wait 15 minutes and try again, especially if the house is full of guests. 4) be aware it can take a minute or two for get hot water to get to the rooms, especially 3rd floor rooms.

?         Please turn off the lights in your room if you will not be using your room for more than an hour.

?         Also, please adjust the air conditioner to “economy” and raise the temperature to at least 76 or turn off.

?         Speaking of lights J the little candle holders should have little tea lights in them that have an on/off switch on the bottom. If you find that any of the tea lights don’t light up, let us know or bring to breakfast so we can replace them. If you are not using them, please turn them off.

?         We have re-routed the electrical circuits and balanced 200-amp service across this house as best as we can.  Still, it is possible to trip a breaker – especially with hair dryers as they tend to pull a lot of power. If this happens, call (507) 721-1622.

?         If there is a storm, please close the storm windows in your room, as well as the interior windows.

?         Wine Glasses: If you really need wine glasses, there are probably some in the built in cabinet in the dining room, all the way to the bottom all the way to the left. If not, we don’t have clean ones.

?         Please try to avoid eating in the room, but if you do, please don’t eat on the bed. If you do eat while on the bed, please lay down a towel first, just in case.



Rules And General Things to be Aware of While Staying at the Quill And Quilt (Cont)

?         In the event of a power outage, there should be emergency lighting on the 2nd floor landing as well as a flashlight in your room, in a dresser or side table, depends on the room.

?         In the event of an emergency we recommend calling 911. The address here is 615 Hoffman Street West, Cannon Falls.

?         The kitchen is not a guest area

?         If it isn’t paved, cement, stone, wood, etc – it probably was not intended to be walked on.

?         Remember your stuff. If you want us to mail you something that you forgot to take with you when you left, we will charge you $15 plus the cost of shipping it to you.

?      Some things that generally just don’t happen at the Quill & Quilt.

  • Breakfast being served in guest rooms
  • Room freshening during the week
  • Decaf coffee at breakfast (leave a note on the dining room table at night and we will make a pot in the morning)

?      Music: no matter what you like, someone else doesn’t like it.  We play stuff we like.  We also forget and leave music on (sorry in advance).  And we play music too loud sometimes (the ghosts have complained about that).   All I can say to all of that is that if it is seriously bothering you, turn it down or off, or say something to us.

?      I know that if you get this far and read this you are not actually who I want to read it, and pay attention to it. Still, some things just have to be said. The supplies in the rooms, chocolates, soaps, and the like, are intended for your enjoyment in your room – but the ones that are in the other rooms are not meant for your enjoyment.

?         Sometimes we make cookies, sometimes we don’t.  That’s just the way it is here – welcome to Cannon Falls J

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