This is a great stop if you on Highway 52. It makes for a nice change from the fast food fare that lots of places have on the highways of America. Get a great meal at decent price with some small town flavor thrown in. No need to dress up or worry about any of that as the place is casual but delivers more then is promises.

Breakfast, that is the best they have to offer. You can get a huge amazing breakfast for about $5. So if you are looking for a great deal on breakfast are in the Southeastern Minnesota are then this is the spot. Of course if you have just stayed at the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast, then you don’t need this tip.

Hampton is a just a few minutes north of Cannon Falls on Highway 52. They do not currently have a Bed and Breakfast like the Quill and Quilt but we are so close we hopefully can fulfill that need.


So… We made it over to Little Oscars this weekend. Again, they are open on Sundays, although we went on Saturday in the mood for a little diner grub. It turns out they make their soups (in fact most things) there, so the vegetable beef had nice big chunks of carrots and other veggies, cooked through but you could taste them – and interspersed with a substantial amount of different size pieces of beef indicating less machine processing – think Mom’s soup, not Campbell’s. Anyway, great diner food and you can sit in the restaurant dining style room or the diner style room. Either way, they have breakfast all day, a range of food and classic diner sandwiches – I had the spaghetti, which was clearly homemade and with fresh grated Parmesan. One fun thing is the trolley, (see photo)– you just don’t have a trolley going around the dining room in most restaurants anymore – Mr. Rogers would be proud. And then, get this! Yeah, I drive by every day but I never noticed, they have a huge very well done garden out back. (see photo). This is unexpected but a really nice touch, it helps to take the edge off the “right on US Hwy 52” effect. So, wander through a beautiful garden and enjoy a home cooked tasty diner style dinner for two on a Saturday night, for about $20. Nice.

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