We spent quite a bit of time and money last year getting the gardens back in shape. Well to make a point of it, the results are beginning to show. The idea is to have new flowers constantly starting as the summer progresses. This is harder then it looks. But so far so good!

The gardens and lawn are already looking good! An early spring in
Minnesota has given us a head start this year, and it looks like June at
The Quill and Quilt about a month earlier than normal. I think we might
have had some snow piles around last year at this time. But as of last
night (May 8th), we had poppies and iris flowering in the back, although
the tulips and most lilacs have come and gone, and the bleeding heart
plant out front has bloomed and probably won’t show those colors for
more than another week or so. But don’t be discouraged, there are a lot
of colorful plants all around the Quill and Quilt though – so more to

In fact, we did a lot of work over the past couple of years to
rebalance the flowering plants around the property, and plant new ones –
so this year there should be lots of colors popping up all around
throughout the summer and early fall.

We also planted raspberries and strawberries and are hoping they bear
some fruit this year. We did get a fair amount of fruit from our
Honeycrisp apple tree last fall and hopefully this year will be the
same. Guests staying in season for these will be rewarded with fresh
fruit grown right on the property!

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