Here at the Quill & Quilt we believe in minimizing our impact to the
environment through common sense measures. We endeavor to educate
staff, and demonstrate leadership through our processes and decisions as
they impact the environment. We believe it is equally important to
understand the reasons behind a decision, as it is to implement the
decision. It is through this ongoing demonstration and experience that
we feel we can have the most impact. Therefore, one thing we focus on
is presenting our customers with high quality, locally produced
consumable products during their stay. This includes many of the
ingredients used for breakfast, as well as cleaning & spa products
provided to guests. This goes hand in hand with another focus, which is
to minimize the amount of fossil fuel needed to sustain the inn. To
that end, and in addition to utilizing many sustainable and organic
products: we provide filtered tap water and never purchase water bottled
in plastic containers, utilize concentrated cleaning products, purchase
many products made with recycled materials, get 100% of our electrical
power from wind, and recycle all cardboard, plastic and other recyclable
materials. In closing, we want to state this is not borne of a belief
system, but rather a reaction to a real situation. The management of
this inn joins with The National Academy of Sciences, The
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, The Weather Channel, The
Union of Concerned Scientists and others in stating that we realize the
temperature on Earth is rising, and it is our opinion that this is
clearly the result of human activities, including but limited to the use
of fossil fuels as energy. The policies of this inn in regard to the
environment are clear choices of responsible behavior, pointed very
clearly at reducing global warming. It is our sincere hope that common
sense measures will be adopted beyond the inn by those who have
encountered this inn as a guest, through the community, or as a member
of the team.

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