There is a relatively new restaurant in Cannon Falls, The River Flame. If you remember where the Old Edgewood was located, you know where The River Flame is located.  If not – 7860 365th Street Way ~ Just off Hwy 52  6 miles south of Downtown Cannon Falls.

There is little similarity to The Edgewood, unless you go way, way back to when the Edgewood was pretty good.   There is also a tendency to compare The River Flame to Wiederholdt’s, but actually they are quite different. For one, the atmosphere.  There are windows here, lots of them, you look out mostly on nature. Also, there is a certain amount of creativity with the food. The River Flame isn’t a typical supper club, meat and potatoes kind of place.

There is also an odd propensity for restaurants in this area to embrace the buffet.  I’m sure it has to do with demand, but I am not sure why it is demanded. The appeal of having unlimited access to piles of food, produced who knows where, and left in steam tables for customers to fetch for themselves escapes me. The lighting is a bit stark and fluorescent. This, combined with the very open atmosphere and the buffet, gives it a feel of a buffet restaurant more than a nicer fine dining establishment. I’m not sure of their goals, but in my opinion adding a couple of internal dividers, ditching the buffet, diffusing some light on some of the windows, and changing to more ambient lighting would vastly improve the feel of the restaurant. They could still do an all you can eat thing on certain items if that is demanded, just serve it from the kitchen.

But, you can ignore the buffet and order off the menu which is much more interesting.  The River Flame has wood grilled steaks and seafood selections, along with other quality cuts of meat and dishes. But, vegetarians can do okay here too. There is a Greek influence, so Greek salads (yes with Calamata olives & Feta) are available. There are pasta dishes made with various herbs and sauces, again some with Greek influence – as well as other Mediterranean style dishes.   This all works well with the photos on the walls of Greek islands & ruins and the like.

The service was good and they have a decent bar selection.  I asked for a substitution of the regular side salad with a smaller version of the Greek, and received a full on Greek for no extra cost.  As far as the quality of the food, I suspect they are working out some kinks in the system yet, but generally everything was good. I have only the one experience, so I will report back at some point in the future.

I couldn’t find a website for them. If they get one, they should let Cannon Falls businesses know!


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