It is easy to forget about dinner at The Cannon Golf Club.
But, you should try and remember it for a few reasons. To start, they
are only about 3 miles from downtown Cannon Falls. You just go north on
Hwy-20 to the sign for Randolph (Goodhue 17) and go a mile or so on 17,
and look for their clubhouse off to the left. Also, the atmosphere is
very pleasant, either overlooking the golf course from the very nice
inside or sitting outside on their patio. Then, one of the best things,
is there is some creativity going on with the food – which is
inexplicably lacking in Cannon Falls. They offer good flatbread pizzas,
and some interesting entr?es that are not on their online menu but are
rather tasty – since it is Cannon Falls, they have plenty of burger
options too. Important to some of us, they also have a respectable bar
selection with good choices in beer and wine. And finally, the cost
when considering everything is quite reasonable. The only thing that can
get in the way of all this value, is they don’t have a separate room for
banquets. This means they have to close the dining room and are not
open for dinner when they have an event. So, save yourself some
trouble by calling ahead to verify they are open for dinner, especially
on Saturdays. Their menu is here.

8606 295th Street East
Cannon Falls, Minnesota 55009
Phone: 507-263-3126 Fax 507-263-9486

Cannon Falls offers a few venues for antiquing. And being less then an hour from the Twin Cities, really makes it a desirable location for doing such. No one wants to drive too long with their brand new treasure strapped to the roof.
Country Side Antique Mall has a lot of smaller dealers all in one location. We have done well with finding nice pieces for the Bed and Breakfast as most dealers specialize in some niche or another once you realize that, it makes finding what you want a lot easier. We have a rough sawn oak theme to most of our major pieces and we found some excellent ones there. But the real gems are in the smaller items. and they have tons of them. You can browse for hours in the aisles just looking for the ideal lamp or ceramic piece. The prices are labeled but like in most good antique stores, it is open to interpretation. This is not a flea market in Mexico so don’t expect to get them down by half but most of the dealers will drop a bit for a reasonable offer.
Schaffer’s Antiques is another nice location. They have big and small with a fair amount of everything. It has the perfect feel in that it looks like it was just all thrown in there haphazard and opened for business. Not the case as the owner is very helpful and knows exactly what he has and where it is. Don’t be shy about asking.
I hope this helps you find that perfect center piece the next time you are going through Cannon Falls. Or the next time you want to stay at a great B&B and take more time to peruse, just let us know. We have a room for you.

The 2011 “Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival” is now in its 2nd year – at least in this format. This is a different festival from the “Cannon Falls Art Festival” which you may recall from a few years back – held on Mill Street in front of the Cannon River Winery.
The new format is much more pleasant and brings more attention to wine and music. Hannah’s Bend Park is beautiful and spacious. It is laden with 100+ year-old trees, borders the Cannon River and is the site of a Frisbee golf course (except for this weekend of course). You can easily walk or bike from the center of town.
There is no charge for the festival which opens at 10am and runs to 5pm on Saturday & Sunday (7/16 & 7/17). There is also a variety of music and other entertainment – the sort of which you might expect at an outdoor wine and art festival, again, all free. It is, after all, a wine & art festival, so you can assume that you could purchase wine & art – and in fact that is the case.
If you would like to sample the wines, there is a $20/person fee and you must be 21 years old. You will be granted opportunity to sample wines from 12 of the best wineries in the region, and talk to representatives directly involved in the operation of producing these wines. The wine tasting is from 12pm-4pm each day.
This festival has a strong local element; some may say it is their focus. There will be locally sourced food products, local wines, and naturally local artisans. Prominently, there is a good variety of local art represented and much is very accessible. Proceeds go toward a local memorial the town wants to build to honor Veterans – in another park just down the river from Hannah’s Bend.
It is hard to beat the combination of beautiful nature, live music, interesting art, and the opportunity to check out the wines of 12 local and unique wineries at the same time.

Cannon River Winery Vineyard of Cannon Falls will be open for tours and picnics starting in July. Weather permitting it will run every Sat from July 2nd to the end of September. This is a real treat. Minnesota does not have an abundance of vineyards so to have one that you can tour and picnic in is a nice change from the norm.

You need to stop by the Cannon River Winery to pick pay $5 and pick up a map. Only Cannon River Winery wine is welcome at the vineyard. You could do a lot worse then bringing a bottle or two of their award winning wine. Packing a nice picnic lunch and enjoying the feel of a true working vienyard right here in Minnesota. The vista is picturesque as you are on a hillside overlooking a sweeping valley. The arrow straight rows of grape vines transport you across the ocean to a simpler way of life in the old country.

A truly must see if you are lover of the grape.

Cannon Falls has built a new gazebo at the trail head for the Cannon Valley Trail. They are dedicating it on Thursday june, 16. This the same day as the Nature Valley Grand Prix bike race is coming through town. You have to be getting a feel for how Cannon Falls is just booming. A new library is in the works. The Mayo Clinic is picking a location for their new hospital. I know that the gazebo is not a huge thing but it shows the direction, energy and resources that the community is putting into making Cannon Falls better. Keep it up!

I finally got over there to get a photo. Very nicely done right at the trail head. Everything is well marked and kept up. A really great start to a wonderful ride.

They are looking into building a new library in Cannon Falls. The current library needs 3/4 of a million dollars in repairs so a better use of funds and land is to go new. I applaud this endeavor whole heartedly. Growing up I loved going to the library and still think of it as a fantastic source of information and a refuge.

Kids today need more access to books as the internet, tv and other distractions constantly cut down the time our children spend reading. With reading being the one activity that increases intelligence.

The new library will be built on the same site and will cost 1.4 million dollars. Donations are being accepted. If you want more information -

Cannon Falls Library
306 Mill Street West
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
(507) 263-2804

Update: as 7/4/2011 they were only 150k short of reaching their goal. Hopefully we will have the new library soon.

Cannon Falls is home to a branch of the Mayo Clinic. It is a primary and specialty care clinic. With visitation from specialists from the Mayo Clinic. This allows Cannon Falls to have fantastic medical facilities and coverage for a small town. We are very fortunate that they chose our hospital for their expansion.

I recently was talking to some staff from there, and they are looking to expand by building a new facility in Cannon Falls. This would probably be located on the south edge of town but the location has not been finalized. This would bring even more job growth to our thriving community.