I recently did a quick stop at Dan’s Bar in New Trier. I was surprised by how nice and well… how nice it was. New Trier is a decent looking little town and you wouldn’t miss it if you blinked but you could yawn your way through it pretty easily. So Dan’s is one of one in the town. This is not always a good thing. But in this case it is. The place seemed very kept up and even inviting. The deck off the side seemed perfect for a Sunday night with friends.
I was not able to partake when I was there but I have heard they have a fantastic fish fry. I look forward to seeing if this is true as I can haul them in with the best of them. I also heard tales of an amazing Bloody Mary. Again worth pursuing. Maybe getting a good group together and looking into both of these at the same time would be the ticket.
New Trier is really just a bout a blink away from being missed but Dan’s is right in the middle of town on the main road so there is no way to miss it if you are at all trying to find it.
And we are the Quill and Quilt would be your closest Bed and Breakfast option so feel free to include us in your plans to visit this fun small town hot spot.

Cannon Falls has built a new gazebo at the trail head for the Cannon Valley Trail. They are dedicating it on Thursday june, 16. This the same day as the Nature Valley Grand Prix bike race is coming through town. You have to be getting a feel for how Cannon Falls is just booming. A new library is in the works. The Mayo Clinic is picking a location for their new hospital. I know that the gazebo is not a huge thing but it shows the direction, energy and resources that the community is putting into making Cannon Falls better. Keep it up!

I finally got over there to get a photo. Very nicely done right at the trail head. Everything is well marked and kept up. A really great start to a wonderful ride.