Dudley’s Pizza & Sandwich Shop of Cannon Falls is a lical sandwhich and pizza shop. I have had teh delivery a few times and honestly vouch for this pizza. I like it. This is a high quality flavorful pizza. It does not resemble the major delivery brands in that it is going have more flavor and a bit more grease then those brands but in a good way. The big size is really big. Feeds a good five people well. We had a group of six and ordered two extra large and we way over did it.
The B&B works well for this if you have a large group over night and want to keep to our common rooms and chat. We had the whole B&B so we ordered the two and then sat around to all hours of the night having a good time. They deliver right to the Quill and Quilt so no need to go out. It is a great way to keep the flow going if you are enjoying the fireplace on a chilly night or back patio on a summer evening.
I have no experienced the sandwich side of the shop but I was talking Lisa from Frog Creek Pottery and she uses them to make her picnic lunches in the summer. Her opinion was that it was a great sandwich at a good value. Who doesn’t like that? They pride themselves on making a lot of the stuff from scratch with high quality ingredients. Sort of makes you want to pick up the phone and order doesn’t it? They also offer dine in.

Dudley’s Pizza & Sandwich Shop

320 W Mill St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009-2045