Sol De Mexico Mexican Grille in Cannon Falls is a real treat to find where it is. I am a huge fan of Mexican food and this place did more then ok. First off a good Mexican restaurant needs to have and margaritas. I also need them to big, frozen and strawberry. They offer all of this. The decor is a bit simple. Nothing fancy as is the food but it is good. The fajitas came out sizzling and were right off the grill. They had a decent helping of guacamole on the plate. I could not have been happier.

The place like I mentioned is not fancy. No need to dress up. i am surprised at how authentic the food was for being in the country. This is not a Hispanic area of Minnesota. I understand the owner has more then one and hopefully he will soon have many as I would also like one or a dozen up here in the Cities.

Try the Sol De Mexico Mexican Grille, you will not be disappointed.

Matt’s Review –

Cannon Falls has plenty of options if you are looking for a burger. You can get one at McDonald’s, The Mill Street Tavern, Chuggers, Brewsters, The Cannon Golf Club, The Dairy Inn, Dairy Queen, The VFW, Country Kitchen, and most any gathering. However, finding something made in-house that is not a burger, and doesn’t exist on the Applebee’s menu is considerably more challenging. If you also want to have a server and a full bar available – the field of restaurants gets very thin indeed. One place you can go for all this is Sol de Mexico. Ironically, this place is built in what was once a Hardees, where many a hamburger was flipped. Sol de Mexico is located just off Hwy-52 and across from the big truck stop south of town. Once inside, you will see they have done what they can to offer a festive atmosphere.

The menu has basically all the Mexican food items now household names thanks to Taco Bell, Zantigo & Taco Johns, plus some things like fajitas that are not. However, the ingredients lean more to the authentic/traditional, and overall the quality is much better. The menu does lack what you might expect in a more traditional Mexican restaurant, so don’t expect mole sauce. But, you will run across authentic Mexican cheese, fresh cilantro and corn tortillas. The free salsa & chips are great and they usually have them in front of you within seconds of sitting down. Don’t overlook the tacos as they are simple and made with nicely seasoned beef. You may enjoy them even more during happy hour, which is pretty much any time other than peak dinner or lunch hour – since you can get them and any of their tap beers for $1. I think that might beat Taco Bell prices, and no one will pour you a Fat Tire at Taco Bell. Oddly, they apparently use a mix for their frozen margaritas – so you might want to call your tequila and/or get it made on the rocks. What I have sampled from their menu has all been decent, and in most cases good. I have not found anything on the menu that hits the “rave about it” section of the food meter – but I will say the service is always spot on, and the place seems very clean. Oh! And they also have a hamburger on their menu.