The Old Market Deli, where President Obama had lunch during his visit
to Cannon Falls in 2011, had temporarily closed in order to expand and
improve. They opened the doors last Friday, May 11th. On Thursday
evening the 10th, they had a private tasting to share the new menu – and
I was fortunate enough to be on the guest list.

The new menu at The Old Market Deli showed some resemblance to the old
menu. However, taking a closer look, this is quite a different menu to
what was essentially a sandwich shop, albeit a good one. Perhaps
equally as important, it differs from all Cannon Falls restaurants in
this way – they are using a lot of sustainable product, much of which is
produced locally.

At the tasting my dining partner enjoyed the turkey burger, made with
Ferndale turkey, which is raised free range & organic, and processed in
Cannon Falls. This was served with sweet potato fries, which are great!
I decided to give the bison burger a shot, also produced sustainably in
Minnesota, and it turned out to be full of flavor and substantial.
Further, it came with outstanding hand cut kettle chips. In looking
over the menu, there are many ingredients produced in the area – a
quality improvement with a nod toward the environment that I was not
expecting, but applaud. This is the sort of thing you want to see after
riding The Cannon Valley Trail.

On a second visit I tried the new Market Salad, which is made with some
locally grown produce, and a wonderful light dressing made in
partnership with The Cannon River Winery just a block away. And, you
guessed it, smoked turkey from The Ferndale Market. This was a very,
very good salad. And my friend had a burger – yes, the 15th (I believe)
restaurant within 10 miles of Cannon Falls that offers burgers on their
menu. However, this one is made with locally grown grass fed beef,
raised and processed sustainably by the Thousand Hills Cattle Company of
Cannon Falls.

The Deli offers some of their signature sandwiches from before, and the
salad offerings have expanded. In general, there is some of what was
there, plus a lot of new items and twists with a much stronger sense of
creativity behind the food at this new version of The Old Market Deli.

And a final comment, on both visits we enjoyed the patio, which is
charming. So far, however, they have not changed their hours – which
means this is an excellent option for breakfast or lunch, not dinner.
However, my next visit is probably going to be for appetizers and wine
in the afternoon. They now offer flat bread pizza, as well as a few
compelling appetizers. I highly recommend stopping by the newly
reopened and improved Deli!

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